Friday, October 17, 2008

Wally's wine

Steve asked me to paint this frame and showed me a picture of a Baylis. The customer wanted that color. Brian Baylis is famous for mixing his own colors and is a master at it. Me, well, I'm a rookie. I stopped by my friend Chris Kvale's shop to look at his Dupont chip book. When I explained to him what I was looking for he said he had something like that. It was a custom color Chris had mixed for one of his customers. The customer's name is Wally. I've never met Wally nor have I seen wine this color but the name on the can was Wally's Wine. Chris was kind enough to let me use the color because he had a quart of it and hadn't used in years since painting Wally's bike. Lugs are Sachs Rene Singer. BB shell and crown are Pacenti The frame was built by Martin Tweedy. He did an excellent job.

Monday, October 13, 2008

One of the twins is built

Pete got his frame built up. This is one of the twin frames. I think it looks good. If my bikes were only one color that blue would be it. He says he likes it. This bike can be ridden almost anywhere. From smooth paved roads with 23mm tires to gravel roads with 30mm tires. Raced or rambling. Fenders with fat tires or supple tubbies.

Kevin's 650B frame and fork

This frame and fork are built around 650B wheels. Pacenti stainless lugs and bb shell paired with a Sachs fork crown. The photos aren't very good because I took them quickly in the bright sun. I couldn't clearly see the display so the I didn't notice the focus is a little off. The finish on the lugs is a brushed look. Same for the head badge. It has a modern sort of look. I like it. The rear drops are NOS Campagnolo 1010A horizontals. The customer wants to have the ability to go single speed or a internally geared hub or a rear derailleur. The drop out faces are nickel plated. Paul cantilever brakes will be used. I've used the paint combination before. Green and yellow remind me of John Deere tractors but these two colors don't at all. In person, these colors really pop.