Friday, May 23, 2008

Paint shop is open!

Here's pictures of my first solo paint job. It turned out really well. There's room for improvement but the masking turned out crisp, no runs and the final clear has good gloss. I'm proud of it. The colors are much better in person. The green has a sort of gold pearl effect combined with a candy appearance. I think I'll use that color more.


Gunnar Berg said...

Holy %*@^#@ bling!!!

Just what we discussed. I'm happy. Very happy.

peter weigle said...

That fly thats in the paint,, is it Italian,,, or from Milwaukee??
Just kidding, congrats Curt, I know you worked hard to do this.

peter, who knows how hard it is to paint!

dbrk said...

Painting bicycles is _really_ hard...'takes patience, skill, and boatloads of time. This looks fantastic. Congrats Curt!!

KM said...

I saw it in person today. The pictures do not come close to doing it justice. It is stunning.

Great job Curt.


Frank said...

Curtangelo it just gets better better and better my friend. Very well done. Frank

Gunnar Berg said...


The "Fly" is Danish.

That brake rear bridge pic you posted the other day is just killer.