Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Computer hiatus

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. This condition goes in streaks and lately I've been hating computers. Hating is too strong a word. Really I've been avoiding dealing with pictures and blogging. These activities so often feel like a waste of time. I know they're not but like so many one person operations sometimes things get pushed to the side for more important tasks.

This randonneuse frame and fork are for Gunner's daughter. He's giving her this as a college graduation gift. Pretty nice gift but I'm biased. I still need to build the front rack for this but I'm going to paint it first. As I'm typing this the drop outs are in the plating bath and will be done soon. After that I'll prep the frame and mask off the nickel for paint. Earlier today I mixed up the epoxy primer and will spray the frame this afternoon. Hopefully I can get a little color on the frame too before I go home tonight. You may have noticed the dragonfly on the down tube. Gunner carved that and asked me if I'd put it on the frame. He explained to me that dragonflies are important to his daughter. At first I wasn't thrilled at the idea. Mostly because I didn't want someone to ask me to carve up something for them. I just don't think I have the talent to do that. Anyway I thought more about the reason for this whole bike being built and realized I needed to get over it. I think it's really cool that the bike is somewhat of a collaboration plus Gunner did a beautiful job. Also my daughter thought it was cool. One should never get in the way of a father's love for his daughter.


Douglas said...

Fantastic looking frame, I can't wait to see the paint. I dig the firefly too and you did a really good thing incorporating into the whole...Rightly said, "One should never get in the way of a father's love for his daughter." But you've done far more than that, Curt! Bravo!


Gomez308 said...

Thanks for updating your blog with those wonderful pictures. Your blog is on my list of things I check everyday. Today was like a birthday present. Great looking bike and I like the dragonfly also.

Frank said...

Wow. Outstanding Curt, can't wait to see it finished. Glad to see you back on the blog. See your fans still check it just to see if you woke up from your nap :>) Enjoy the day friend.


Gunnar Berg said...

Thank your daughter for the input. And thank you. It'll mean more than you can know.