Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New fork crown

Here's some pictures a recent fork built with Kirk Pacenti's new fork crown. I don't know if it has a name. The crown is wide. The blades are 70mm apart at the base of the crown. The fork seems ideal for rigid mountain bike forks. The steerer is 28.6mm. Aesthetically the crown reminds me of the cool faux twin plate crowns used on Bridgestone mountain bikes. Don't ask me what it weighs. I didn't put it on a scale. I don't normally make many mountain bikes but I could see using this fork crown in the future. It's nice to have options.


Alistair said...

was this tricky to braze? Also, can you give some details of the bike that it's going on?

Curt Goodrich said...


No it wasn't tricky to braze. I can't give any details about the bike other than the fork is for a bike someone is rolling out at Interbike.

Alistair said...

Ahh, Interbike stealthiness. Got it. Cool crown, I really like it, in the right application of course.

mcscholt said...


Dan said...

I can see how it could be less tricky to braze than other crowns. Those big windows allow the builder to put the flame right where it's required, potentially with less pre-heat? Like with a more traditional crown, say a Pacenti or Sachs, those "windows" are filled in, so to speak, and they need to have more heat pumped into them in order to flow the filler in those areas. Very cool crown.

Looks swell, Curt!