Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Identity crisis?

Sachs lugs, crown and bb shell. Well, at least the drop outs aren't Sachs. This is a what I'd describe as a sensible road frame. Light tubing, chain stays aren't too short, proper seat angle, fork bend that starts low and continues to the drop out and a front center that's not too short. The frame and fork are for short reach brakes and there's room for 30mm tire. The customer is only going to run 25mm but there's no harm in have a little extra room. Who knows in ten years he might want 28mm tires?


Brian said...

Super super!

The fork ends, front and rear, SLAY me! Nice work.

e-RICHIE said...

bad ass work atmo.

Andy A said...

this is dylan's bike "before" right??

just perfect. amazing. truly bikealicious.