Saturday, July 12, 2008

BB's frame

I finally got this project painted. The frame has bi-laminate construction which is fillet brazing combined with lugged construction. The paint color is a stock color for a 1938 Ford Model A. It's sort of blue and sort of green depending on the light. The fenders are Honjos. I almost didn't mask off the ends but I think the fenders look better like this.


christian said...

Took the brake brace out, eh?

Anonymous said...

Curt, this is a stunningly beautiful frame. That Model A color is gorgeous as is the lugwork, etc. Good call on masking the fenders too. At first I thought it was to be a fixie but maybe it's to have a coaster brake or an internal hub? Whatever the build, it's one very very attractive frame. Well done sir!

BB said...

Uh, the brace came off, not because of Curt, but because of me. It didn't quite communicate the heft I was after and looked a little too decorative to me.

I will be forwarding photos of the build to Curt. In addition to all of his amazing handwork, it will have some custom hubs and chainring along side a selection of vintage and modern bits.


Gunnar Berg said...

In the end, that is one beautiful bike.