Monday, March 24, 2008

Paint class

I'm back from my painting class now. I won't bore you with the countless photos of my squirting paint but the first picture gives you the idea. I'm spraying on primer. The rest of the pictures are of one of the frames. I couldn't get the lighting right to show the green pearl. The frame looks primarily white but in the right light there's green iridescent sparkles within the clear coat. It's subtle and really nice.


David A said...

VERY Cool,Curt!

peter weigle said...

Joe Brian Goodrich!
Looks wet!

Nice job Curt!


mcscholt said...

The white with the polished crown is sweet.

How many Darth Vader jokes were made during the week?

Frank said...

It perfect. Curt absolutely nailed the paint, I was looking for an opal and this has all the elements, green and red with a little blue. The paint shimmers in the light. I'm delighted to have been able to own one of the first frames painted by Curt. Sweet Curt very well done. Frank

Brian said...

Looks hot! Glad to see more builders taking the paint into their own hands.