Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Newvex lugs

Built with Newvex lugs from Richard Sachs. Fork crown and bb shell are from Kirk Pacenti. I apologize for the poor lighting in these photos. It was pouring rain outside and I didn't want to wait before boxing this up for paint. Still I think you can see the work. The brake pivots are for Paul centerpulls.


jessi said...

Sweet Curt, Those are some beefy looking stays Frank

Frank said...

darn kid messing with profiles again lol :>). Frank

mcscholt said...

I've seen several frames for Paul Racers with the braze-ons basically sticking out of the crown. What is different that you don't have to do this? Tire size? Brake pad position in the slot?
I think your method looks much better, btw.

Curt Goodrich said...


I'm glad that you noticed that detail. I don't like the look of the pivots on the crown either. So I design the fork so I don't have to put it there. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Steve said...

Who's the customer, Cuuuurt?